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January 19th, 2021 by

OEM VS. Aftermarket Parts For Your Acura

Which is better for your car?

It happens to all of us. Our car either needs service work or body work and new parts are a necessity. But when should you stick with the OEM parts, and when should you opt for the aftermarket parts? We’re going to break down the difference between each option and let you decide which part is best for your Acura.

Here are the key definitions to note:

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts match those that came with your car and are of the same quality as its original parts. 

Aftermarket parts are made by other manufacturers, usually several. 

Auto body repairs

Some aftermarket parts may be fine for auto body repair, but others won’t be as good. There is a lot of variation in quality. For example, aftermarket parts often don’t have the same level of rustproofing as manufacturer parts. The fit and finish may not match or the panels do not align properly. When OEM parts are used in auto body repair, the car will look and work exactly as it did before the damage. This is because the OEM parts are made as the manufacturer intended them too and everything will match up. It is also crucial to keep in mind that OEM parts are crash-tested, unlike many aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket parts come at varying price points and levels of quality, usually making them cheaper and preferred by insurance agencies. If you want OEM parts but are dealing with an insurer that wants the shop to use aftermarket parts, ask to pay the difference. You have the right to request your insurance company to use original equipment manufactured parts rather than aftermarket parts to repair your vehicle.

Mechanical repairs

When it comes to simple mechanical repairs, aftermarket parts may seem like the better choice, but we, at Jim Hudson Acura, believe the contrary. Aftermarket parts vary a lot when it comes to quality and if you are not familiar with manufacturers then it can be very hard to choose one you can trust. OEM parts are easy and simple to choose, as they will usually come in only one type. OEM parts have guaranteed quality since these parts are designed to function exactly like the original part. They also come with a warranty, so you can have the confidence to hit the road without a worry. 

Now that you know the major differences between OEM and aftermarket parts, you can make an informed decision the next time you need Acura parts. You can also tailor your Acura to fit your lifestyle with OEM parts. Through our eStore, you can purchase genuine Acura parts and accessories online. Enhance and upgrade your Acura vehicle with confidence, knowing they are designed by Acura and manufactured specifically for your vehicle. We know you want to keep your vehicle in superb condition for years to come and that’s exactly what the service team at Jim Hudson Acura is here for. Give us a call or check out our website for more information on services and parts available. See the link below for more details.

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